Our Technology

is what makes us special

Fast Thermocycling

Thanks to our innovative diaxxoPod (patented), we can perform several PCR cycles in a short time: the special design of our hardware and an innovative control strategy enable extreme heating and cooling rates.

We can achieve high reproducibility between samples, runs and instruments. Our aluminum cartridge guarantees a great temperature accuracy and uniformity and an extremely fast equilibration time (how long before all wells reach the same temperature).

Traditional cycling


Real-time Results

Amplification profiles are generated on-the-go: get your answers even before the experiment is over!

We have designed a new, elegant optical system that detects all wells simultaneously. Our detection module is characterized by a fixed optical path and no moving parts: forget alignment and calibration procedures, reference dyes or crosstalk compensation!

Short hands-on time

We offer preloaded test cartridges that contain all necessary reagents and only require to be filled with samples.

Without any mixing required, tedious and error-prone PCR preparation is a thing of the past.

Our diaxxoPods are stable at room temperature for extended periods of time: this means more space in the fridge for other reagents.

Using our cartridges is extremely easy: just pipette your sample into the wells and start the desired program.

Simply Beautiful.

The sleek design will make the PCR the eye-catcher of your bench.

It fits everywere.

Laboratory space is a sparse resource and diaxxoPCR is extremely compact, light and with a minimal footprint.


Small, Fast and Affordable.


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