Find out what makes us special


Thanks to peakPCR’s innovative sample holders (patented), we can perform 35 cycles of PCR amplification in less than 10 minutes*. The special design of the hardware and an innovative controlling software enable extreme heating and cooling rates.

The sample holder can contain up to 20 samples meaning that the PCR machine will never limit your throughput.

*Depending on the amplicon length

Real-Time data

Amplification profiles generated on-the-go.
Get your answers even before the experiment is over!

We have designed a new, elegant optical system that detects all wells simultaneously. Our devices are now operating with one single channel (multiplex capabilities will be released in the coming months).

Our detection module is characterized by a fixed optical path and no moving parts: forget alignment and calibration procedures, reference dyes or crosstalk compensation!

We can achieve high reproducibility between samples, runs and instruments. To achieve this level of precision, our devices run with a new, aluminum sample holder that guarantees a great temperature accuracy and uniformity and an extremely fast equilibration time (how long before all wells reach the same temperature). peakPCR is good to go right out of the box – no calibration!

Our simple, lean interface makes it easy to read out your results on your pc, tablet, phone.. it just works on anything!

Multiple devices can be operated from a single computer (or tablet, phone..). No need to go through any Bluetooth pairing procedure, just connect the devices to your wired or wifi network and access them anytime, anywhere. Ah, you don’t need to install anything.. it simply works on your browser!

Everybody wants a device that works out-of-the-box, and so it’s peakPCR. Add your sample and press “Start“.

Preloaded kits

We offer preloaded “test kits” that contain all necessary reagents and only require to be filled with sample. 

Without any mixing required, tedious and error-prone PCR preparation is a thing of the past. 

The prepared kits are stable at room temperature for extended periods of time, this means more space in the fridge for other reagents.


Using our kits is extremely easy, just pipette your sample into the wells and start the desired program.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have run a study with more than 200 users and we have shown that even lay people can correctly load our test kits. A trained person can easily fill the wells in a matter of seconds.


Laboratory space is a sparse resource and peakPCR is extremely compact, light and with a minimal footprint. 

The sleek design will make the PCR the eye-catcher of your bench. The absence of any movable parts inside of the device will ensure long lifetimes and no additional noise inside of your laboratory. 

peakPCR simply look amazing and it fits perfectly in any lab. It even comes in different colors! Our devices are light and portable. Thanks to our innovative sample holder, we have eliminated the need for PCR tubes, heated lids and centrifuges.