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Diaxxo AG, founded in 2020, is a spin-off of the Functional Materials Laboratory (FML) of ETH Zürich.

We envision a future where precise and reliable diagnostics can be accessed anywhere by anyone.
We believe that thanks to our Point-Of-Care PCR tests, doctors will be able to identify and fight diseases faster,
and experts will be able to perform much DNA analysis in a shorter time.

Our mission is to enable DNA analyses to be widely diffused and adopted by making them accurate, fast and affordable.


Quality is our priority. As your results are only as good as your detection technique.


Team work is our strenght and philosophy as it takes two flints to make a fire.


Passion is our driving force as nothing great can be accomplished without it.


It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Dr. Michele Gregorini

Founder and CEO

A PhD spent building all sort of devices, in particular this pyramid-shaped PCR machine that will change the way DNA analyses are performed!

Dr. Philippe Bechtold

Founder and CTO

DNA analysis is his thing. Philippe has made so many different test kits that he can now test anything!

Prof. Wendelin Stark


Full Professor at ETH Zürich


The people that want to change the world with us.

Edgar Vela

Hardware Engineer

The hardware guru! Edgar finds solutions to any problem you can think of.

Dr. Amalia Ruiz Serrano


Amalia does the biology work. She is the expert in the invisible chemistry that makes the magic happen.

Viviane Gerber

Software Engineering

Everyone can code these days. Viviane, instead, writes beautiful poems of 1s and 0s.

Luca Montemartini

Biomedical Engineer

Luca brings our machines to life with the power of automation.

Dario Fresu

Electronic Engineer

Always striving for excellence in engineering circuits and systems that can help foster the quality of our human experience.

Martin Privet

Mechanical Engineer

Fatih Eser

Software Engineer

Guglielmo Murari

Product Designer

Octavio Oliva

Graphic Designer


“Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it”

Prof. Dr. Med. Christian Breymann

Medical Advisor

Dr. Stefan Meier

Operations Advisor

Mr. Charles Tschaggeny

Technical Advisor

Mr. Peter Wyser

Strategic Advisor


Mr. Deniz Kaya

Head of Global Sales

Devadas Thangavelloo

Director of Sales Asia & Pacific

Sadegh Merkani

Business Development Manager EMEA

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