Plain test kit
& peakPCR mix



Our original low-form-factor sample holder that is able to perform 20 reactions in parallel. Extremely fast, lean and cost-effective.

Our in-vitro diagnostic test kit is based on rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification technology. This kit is not preloaded with any reagents and it can therefore be used for any PCR amplification experiment in conjunction with our peakPCR devices



The test kits are extremely simple to use:

  1. Apply your mix (inc. our additives) into the reaction wells
  2. Insert the kit in peakPCR, press a button, drink a coffee and check your results.


Notes and instructions:

  • The kits are supplied in a vacuum-sealed bag in order to ensure a long shelf life.
  • Each kit has a unique serial number that allows you to track all your experiments.
  • Details instructions about how to use the kits and the additives are provided


Performance data

Would you like to know more about our performance data and the validation of our kits? Please contact us!