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Our sample extraction method allows for the extraction of viral RNA from saliva or swab samples within a short time. 

State-of-the-art magnetic beads extraction allows for fast and high-efficiency RNA capturing. The combination with a simple workflow and a high throughput (8 samples per run) makes it fit perfectly into diaxxo’s rapid PCR test.

Extremely simple workflow

  1. Open the cartridge package
  2. Load 8 samples into the cartridge
  3. Insert into the device and press start


  • Compact device
  • Short processing time
  • Single-button operation

Extrimely simple workflow

  1. Apply the sample (viral RNA)

  2. Apply water in the control wells and the oil cover

  3. Instert the kit in peakPCR, press a button, drink a coffee and check your results.


Small, fast and affordable.


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